Heal Your Inner Child Meditation by Glenn Harrold 앱 리뷰

Very helpful for healing old wounds

The first time I listened to this I cried so hard when I imagined my inner child. I didn't expect to be that emotional but as hard as it was in some ways, it was well worth it as I felt so much old wounding leave my soul through just that first session. I listened to it every night for the next 2 weeks and never cried again like the first time. I feel better about the sadness in my childhood. Thank you Glenn!

No female voice version

There is NO female voice version in this app -- if you select the "W" version you hear the exact same male voice...

Life Changing!

I did this only a couple times several months ago. I literally became a new person! I plan to listen again from time to time. I advised someone I know to purchase. They told me they did it three days in a tie and they're a whole new person as well! I never take the time to do a review, but I feel it's important to share!

Lovely App

I love it. Very soothing and relaxing. Sometimes if I have trouble falling asleep I listen to this and I don't even make it to the end of the recording. There are also helpful hints etc that enable you to hypnotise yourself more effectively.

Somehow feeling better

I believe this app is working because somehow I'm feeling great. I'm more calm and when I think about the past it feels like is just memories with no hurt. I've been listening this app before sleep for more than a month now and I really feel myself letting go a lot of patterns that bothered me before. I'm sleeping better and even remember dreams that for a while I thought I wasn't dreaming anymore. I'll try the other apps as well.

The app doesn't open??

I just bought this app last night, and listened to it, but now it will not open?


Glenn Harrold's work is amazing, and his meditations keep getting better and better.....heal your inner child is a stellar example of that! You will not be disappointed in this wonderful healing journey!

This one is really Deep!

We all have issues from our past...this will help you clear them...

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